Nettie Shulman
July 28, 1922 – November 23, 2020
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Thoughts and Words by Nettie Shulman

These are pieces of writing by Nettie Shulman, illuminating a marvelous window into her expressions and experiences of the world. This small selection represents choice passages dear to both herself and impactful to those around her.

A Day of Promise

A Moment of Oneness


Scrabble on the Beach

Self Awareness

True To Oneself



Emergency Room


To the NYC Labor Chorus

A Day of Promise

The sun, the brightness of the sky would make our day in the glory of budding Central Park. I awoke feeling energetic and anticipating the comfort of oldtime friendship; my friend Randy.

It is a luxury having the NY Times outside the door. A fast breakfast, a little browse of the paper and off to a splendid day. The arts section lay on top, so let me look. A sculpture exhibition caught my eye. There were two striking pieces; one of Kit Carson and the other, a Native American collapsing over his vanquished horse.

Kit Carson was posed as a hero, gallant, strong on a horse for children to take pride in. Who is Kit Carson? In l864, while the Civil War was in progress against slavery, Kit Carson walked 8500 Navajo Indians off their land to a reservation 300 miles away; men, women and children. Hundreds died en route. The reservation was inadequate and a treacherous place for human beings. The Navajo Indians were being decimated by the very forces that represented the abolitionists.

It all changed, the energy I awakened with went from a sense of joy to anger. It is still there, the hope, the twisted truth, and the need to engage in rational exchange with my fellow humansl