Nettie Shulman
July 28, 1922 – November 23, 2020
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Thoughts and Words by Nettie Shulman

These are pieces of writing by Nettie Shulman, illuminating a marvelous window into her expressions and experiences of the world. This small selection represents choice passages dear to both herself and impactful to those around her.

A Day of Promise

A Moment of Oneness


Scrabble on the Beach

Self Awareness

True To Oneself



Emergency Room


To the NYC Labor Chorus


As we left the bridge table Bess told me she is 98 years old. I wasn't surprised as she has been telling me her age for the past years. The strength of her intelligence is prominent in her eyes.

The high cheek bones and significance of her finely shaped head do not yield to the shrunken, wizened look of old age. Bess is now a handsome Woman.

You know, she said, everything possible is wrong with my body. My liver, my kidneys, my eyes, my hearing and I have a growth under my teeth. My only contact with people is this hour or two we spend out here playing bridge. My Son visits every two weeks, and my Daughter calls. TV is difficult for me and my home is my prison. The loneliness is an evolving cancer.

You drive, Nettie, don't you. Our eyes met. We know we share the same view of the world. We like one another. Could you save me, was her unspoken question. Could I open the door to her cell and wrest her from entombment. My unspoken response said No, I cannot shake my dance of survival...