Nettie Shulman
July 28, 1922 – November 23, 2020
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Thoughts and Words by Nettie Shulman

These are pieces of writing by Nettie Shulman, illuminating a marvelous window into her expressions and experiences of the world. This small selection represents choice passages dear to both herself and impactful to those around her.

A Day of Promise

A Moment of Oneness


Scrabble on the Beach

Self Awareness

True To Oneself



Emergency Room


To the NYC Labor Chorus

True To Oneself

As I stood in front of the Eichmann exhibit at the Museum of Jewish Heritage I heard Lee, though deceased for a few years, fault me for my inconsistencies during the trial of Eichmann in l960.

You, she said, a passionate opposer of the death penalty should not take comfort and support the execution of this Nazi. It is a betrayal of the core of yourself. Is it? I ask, fifty seven years later.

He was living in Argentina, had a wife and children under an assumed name. As a youth he was a highschool dropout, and became a high ranking officer in the Nazi party, focussing on expeditng the annhilation of Jews and other enemies of the super race.

When sentenced to death by hanging, Eichmann claimed that he was only following orders. He also appealed to the judge by saying he made an oath to the Nazi party and an oath is sacred. The judge asked, more than millions of people; yes, he said.

To know the day, the hour, the minute one will cease to exist; not to be any longer is cruel and unusual punishment. In our system of Justice, capital punishment is only for the poor.

Eichmann, over a period of years, in rational thinking,developed understanding the process of stomping out the precious lives of millions. It is absolutism to think clemency.

I do not expeience a sense of loss of integrity now.