Nettie Shulman
July 28, 1922 – November 23, 2020
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Thoughts and Words by Nettie Shulman

These are pieces of writing by Nettie Shulman, illuminating a marvelous window into her expressions and experiences of the world. This small selection represents choice passages dear to both herself and impactful to those around her.

A Day of Promise

A Moment of Oneness


Scrabble on the Beach

Self Awareness

True To Oneself



Emergency Room


To the NYC Labor Chorus


One year has quietly sped away since I left home in Brooklyn It is safe here. One eats, sees movies and participates in activities without the need to step outside.

Last night the dinner table was fun and stimulating. We were four. We talked about Bergmann's films, one woman's ex-boyfriend and political issues. I heard myself differing from the three politically. Is there a price for this? It is comforting to be in this place of warmth and welcoming.

I know so well there is no such thing as freedom. It is so freeing to say what one thinks, but oh, the subsequent distancing, the aloneness that may ensue is to be bound in another set of chains.