Nettie Shulman
July 28, 1922 – November 23, 2020
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Thoughts and Words by Nettie Shulman

These are pieces of writing by Nettie Shulman, illuminating a marvelous window into her expressions and experiences of the world. This small selection represents choice passages dear to both herself and impactful to those around her.

A Day of Promise

A Moment of Oneness


Scrabble on the Beach

Self Awareness

True To Oneself



Emergency Room


To the NYC Labor Chorus


I open my eyes to see the trees and the expanse of sky. The terrace door is open and the air is fresh. Today there is a tang in the air; unlike the heavy humidity of Florida. The bedcover is soft and a sense of luxury enfolds me. Yet there is not peace. I do not feel in command.

I am now in Florida two weeks. Hurricane Sandy is behind me. It is the new old car that threatens me. My foot hovers over the brake. I am sitting on pillows to seat me higher, but my legs then feel short. Oh, you will adjust, they all say.

We take ourselves through life I said to Brie, my Grandaughter. Let me not forget the fight in me. I promise myself; I will conquer this; I will not be deprived of my capacity to feel joy.